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Timberline Group carries only the finest in new Whitetail Mounts and Taxidermy Mounts, our taxidermists use the newest mounting procedures found today.

The Finest in Taxidermy Mounts. Our staff has extensive experience in judging and verifying quality Taxidermy Mounts . You may wonder why a furniture company would offer wildlife mounts, however, it is a key item in sophisticated home decor. We have guided professional hunters from all corners of the world in search of big game animal heads for over 30 years. Our Buffalo Head Mounts are offered in a range of size selections to fit your budget. The same applies to our Elk Mounts. You will find a selection, from 5 x 5 to "World Class" animal heads for sale,which will vary depending upon the size of the animal mount. Our animal heads are scored according to Boone & Crocket record books. Our Deer Mounts were one of our first wildlife mounts offered. All of our animal heads are ethically hunted and professionally mounted. We use the world's best taxidermists using most advanced techniques in preservation & reproduction available today. And don't forget, we have a great selection in Moose Head animal mounts. Timberline believe our customer and their needs are Number ONE, we are always just a phone call away. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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